Staff Handbook & Policies

We put our policies out publicly for transparency, awareness, and ease of access.

Reference Policy

DJAB Entertainment representatives may only provide impartial information on items such as employment history, they may not comment on, or provde opnions relating to staff. Please see our anti discrimnation, and prevention policy for more details.

Example's of what we CAN provide: (person) has/had worked here for 1 year and 6 months, and their contract allows for flexible work time that would not conflict with another position.

Example's of what we CAN'T provide: Pay, benefits, personal information, performance evaluations, punctuality, strengths, weeknesses or anything else based off an opinion or potentially discriminatory information.

Anti-Discrimination & Discrimination Prevention Policy

DJAB Entertainment and our brands, welcome all staff, vendors, and customers and strives to make sure all people are treated equally regardless of race, origin, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and more. The HR field widely agrees that small practices such as sharing pay information for references can prolong pay discrimination for disadvantaged groups, therefore, we do not share specific individuals pay information, among other simmilar items, and can only provide aggregated data. We do encourage staff to discuss their compensation and speak to management if they have any issues.