2008-2010 -- Though DJAB Entertainment was not even a thought at this time, the beginnings of what is now DJAB Entertainment was beginning to form as young Alexander Brown, ranging from 8-10 years old, took an interest in music, speakers, and a/v equipment. Some of this interest came from his parents who both worked in Information Technology (IT) at the time which meant that he was around technology his whole life. His musical background comes from learning to play guitar in elementary school and creating a rock "band" with friends, which quickly became defunct. Though he didn't yet know it, Alex was already making business connections that would be important later.

2011-2012 -- The beginnings of DJAB Entertainment were formed in May 2011 when Alex aquired a set of DJ speakers, a mixing board his mom bought him when a music store went out of business, and brought this equipment to a friends birthday party to play music as "D.J.A.B." which stood for Disc Jockey Alex Brown. To this day, people who have known Alex for a long time still sometimes call him D.J.A.B. After that original party, Alex did multiple community events for free for a little over 2 years including the Smithfield YMCA's "big truck day", and SYSA (Smithfield Youth Soccer Association) Opening Day. These events gave him practice and experience with DJ'ing as well as connections and exposure within his community.

2013 -- Was a relatively uneventful year besides the typical community events, until a classmate of Alex, who had recently moved to Scituate, asked him to DJ her halloween party and offered to pay him for it. She also wanted lights, so Alex took this opportunity to purchase some basic DJ lights.

2014 -- In early 2014, the middle of Alex's 8th grade year, he recieved a call from someone looking for a DJ for their son's birthday party, it turned out that the son was also a Smithfield student, a year below Alex. Again offering to pay Alex, he happily took the event. In the summer of 2014, Alex did another paid party for his across-the-street neighbors church, in Providence at the nightclub Aurora. At this time he was still operating under the name "D.J.A.B." In September of 2014 Alex started his freshman year of high school and took an introductory business class called Business Basics and Beyond, this was his first real introduction to business education, which he took with the intention of building his DJ business into a real business operation.

2015 -- This was arguably one of the most pivitol years for the now "business" during 2015 Alex took on the name DJAB Entertainment to expand service offerings and act as more of a business, this was the result of his introductory business class, which he couldn't get enough of. This same year, Alex had many leaps forward in his career from being a touring dance competition announcer for Step Up 2 Dance to getting high school dance clients like Northbridge High School in Massachusetts. During this time, Alex continued to donate his services to local groups like SYSA, and even his own high school, though they had not hired him for any events. Alex quickly went from doing under 5 paid events to 15 in a single year! As this was a busy year, we can't mention every single detail that happened, but its important to note that Alex was involved with A/V technology during middle school and high school, this becomes important later. This is also the year Alex purchases a photo booth.

2016 - 2017 -- DJAB Entertainment celebrates 5 years from the first event, Alex continues his business education and joines the Academy of Finance at Smithfield High School. Again many things happen these years and not all can be mentioned, but Alex does more events and continues to make more important connections. Some of the highlights during this time are that Alex meets Matt St. Laurent of Music Box Entertainment and DJ Danny Levin.

2018 -- Alex graduates high school and continues his business beducation at Johnson & Wales University

2019 --

2020 -- 2020 was shaping up to be a big year, DJ Alex Brown Entertainment had many bookings planned in the future and had his past clients returning to have more events. On March 6, 2021, Alex did his last event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world. 2020 was a relatively uneventful year besides the struggle to justify staying open, especially with seemingly no end in sight.